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Prose and (Amateur) Poetry

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I have a secret journal that you don’t know about. It’s where I make my ~ruminations~ about life, and where I type all the words I won’t ever dare say publicly.

But I guess I’ll let some words slip.

Takeshita Street: Japan 2014 (Day 3)


Starting off this slew of random photos by an obligatory outfit shot at Takeshita Street, before it gets terribly crowded. We visited on a Saturday, so the mix of camera-lugging foreigners and ~stylin~ teenagers are to be expected. This particular photo illustrates how different me and my sister really are. She is the quintessential girly-girl, what with her tutu skirts and bows and Balenciaga rip-off shoes. I, on the other hand, am wearing an oversized Mets baseball shirt that bears the name Delgado. I am not into sports, or baseball, so you can safely label me as a poser.


August 2014 Gig Schedule

RL Gig Aug


I have a couple of solo gigs lined up this first two weeks of August! If you’re from CSB and you have nothing to do for lunch except eat lunch, you could catch me perform along with Sir Ebe Dancel and Quest to promote the Elements Camp! This is open to everyone, I believe! We start at 12pm! Venue will be at SDA Cinema (12th floor).

And check out the rest of the posters for other details of my other gigs! I’ll fix this write-up later HAHA.