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See how JBL portable speakers are amplifying my home, work, and life in general

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You know how people throw around the phrase “Music is my life” , when what they really mean is that they just thoroughly enjoy and appreciate music? Well for me, that phrase applies in the realest way possible. Music IS my life. And my job. And my hobby. And my leisure. I get to buy my shiny new things because of the money I earn from music.


And you know what the most ironic thing about me is? I have NEVER thought of investing in a good speaker system. There’s my old laptop I’ve been using for six years whose built in speakers are TOTALLY busted. Once you max out the volume on that thing, it will rattle like marbles in a soup can. Hence, all forms of audio that I listen to have to go through the free earphones that come with my phone… Shameful, I know…


Up until I got my hands on the JBL speaker line. As you know, I just released my album last December 2015, and boy did these speakers come at a perfect time – right when I was finishing up with my recording sessions and was about to go into mixing and mastering (which is basically fixing the balance and relationship of all sound clips to get a flat mp3 track).


These JBL Xtreme, Pulse, Charge, and Flip speakers have all been my lifeline during the production and mastering of this album. Be it in the bedroom, in the studio, or in the shower, the speakers’ bluetooth connectivity helps me keep my music playing even in odd locations. Noting that the speakers have an excellent balance of treble and highs, it’s made my mixing and mastering notes much easier (and much more thorough) so that I could only deliver quality sound to my listeners.


FullSizeRender_1 copy


The JBL Xtreme packs a punch – it is huuuuge, and it’s absolutely a dream to have when you want to fill your entire house with music and good vibes. It even comes with a shoulder strap, so if you want to walk about town with music booming from your hip, by all means do so. Blasting out my favorite pop songs so loud that the neighbors could hear has given me great pleasure, I’m not gonna lie.

The JBL Pulse is my favorite. It is such a show off, it impresses everyone that I show it to. I first publicly previewed “Home” (the wedding song I wrote for Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto) through these speakers, and I was not sure if everyone’s delighted reactions were due to my song or the Pulse’s show of colorful lights. The Pulse has multiple light themes that all flicker in a rainbow of colors. I turn it on every time I wake up early in the morning and make my bed. Let’s face it, we all just need that extra enthusiasm at 8am.


If this were Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the JBL Charge would be the “just right” option, every time. It’s not as imposing as the Xtreme, not as flashy as the Pulse, and not as handy as the Flip. It’s perfect as a mainstay for your work station. Just power up the Bluetooth wireless connectivity (or connect via auxiliary cables – it’s your choice) and your day is bound to boppy. Boppy is not a word, but you get what I mean.




The JBL Flip is the handiest, most powerful speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. This is what I take in every trip to the bathroom. It’s completely splash-proof and really compact, it even comes with a wrist strap for good measure. This is what I brought in my backpack every after my session of mixing and mastering. I would listen to my songs endlessly and make a long list of notes on what to change with the levels, etc.


It’s a long road to achieving perfection with Arigato, Internet! but the JBL speaker system has definitely amplified not only my work, but also my home, and my life. Bluetooth connectivity – check. Up to 15 hrs of battery life – check. All packed in style.
#AmplifyWork #AmplifyHome #AmplifyLife
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As Of Late

Monday of August 24, 2015




Hello children!

I’m back with another edition of “As Of Late” – which is a concise way to update everyone with my life!

So as you might have known, I’m currently working on the biggest project of my life so far – that being my first solo album. *drops mic*. I’ve done “The Great Internship Hunt” or something to that effect about a month ago and I finally have my core team!

If in case you applied but haven’t heard from me yet, I’m getting to it I promise! I’m trying to tap everyone who volunteered by way of committees, so please be patient and I do hope you haven’t lost your interest in helping out!

It was SUCH a difficult decision for me to narrow down the applicants to 6 people, but it had to be done… It was against my will to “reject” anyone because truly, I am just over the moon about the thought that you’d even want to apply to help me out. I promise to find a way to make this whole thing work though, so please continue to watch your emails for updates and such!


Making: my (upcoming) 1st album (dundunDUN)
Drinking: water, cause I am notorious for never drinking enough
Reading: The $100 Startup, What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20
Wanting: a nicely colored keyboard protector
Looking: for PVC suppliers & an Eye-fi SD Card
Playing: the new Cooking Mama on iPhone
Wasting: money on food, but then again money on food is never wasted so nvm
Wishing: for the inner turbulence to settle
Enjoying: the torrential rain (but not the flooding)
Waiting: for more progress
Liking: my progress so far
Wondering: if I’d be able to pull my album off
Loving: that I have friends & supporters to help me out all the way

Hoping: that we’d be able to create something to be proud of
Marvelling: at the generosity of friends and strangers
Needing: to feel more convicted
Smelling: the damp ground
Wearing: my go-to Uniqlo shirt with newly acquired Nike AF1’s
Noticing: the importance of a clear head
Knowing: that life goes on, no matter what
Thinking: of ways to organize my plans better
Feeling: grateful that I have constant things to go back to
Coveting: the Disney x Vans collection. I got my eye on u, Jasmine shoes
Opening: work emails and alerts and feeling pumped!
Watching: old Taylor Swift interviews
Feeling: like a diva after the Ariana Grande concert last night



Original list via Meet Me At Mikes



Yep. You read it right :)


My my my, isn’t this exciting?

*rubs hands together*

After years and years of reassuring people that
A) I’m coming up with a solo album, and
B) I’m going to be “recording soon” (and that soon never really came to fruition in the past, as you know)
I’m giving you the final word.
THIS IS IT YOU GUYS. I’m finally doing it. It’s happening. Hashtag #reese1stalbum (don’t forget, it’s 1st and not first hahaha)

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Lee Pipes DIY Pop-Up Shop 2015

Showing idolatry through DIY shirts

Lee pipes event

Lee pipes event

As a wee kid, I thought there was no DIY project I could not take on. I LOVED DIY. It’s cheap, it’s fun, it’s gratifying – and after all of that hard work, you get an actual product to show for. One of my favorite things to DIY involved fashion related things. Every single time I would get an ill-fitting shirt, I would insist on cutting the sleeves or the hem – any sort of incision – to make it more of a fashion item than some random shirt I won somewhere. Armed with scissors, the cutting part was easy. It was a no-brainer. But as much as I loved DIY, I was too lazy to do any sewing done. I would cut with no regard then let that be the finished product. Never mind the wonky, jagged edged hems. No one will ever notice.

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Things of the Week

July 2015



I know, I know…

Let me be quick to point out that this blog series should be aptly renamed to “Things of the Month”. I have not been exactly faithful in keeping y’all updated with the ins and outs of life. My fault. But here I am, trying to catch up again! Here’s an overview of my July 2015! Photo captions are form L to R, Top to Bottom.

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Plaid Skirts Edition


Choki Choki shirt from Uniqlo  |  Thrifted Plaid Skirt (Php 80)


I don’t know about you guys, but I have very fond memories of me, violently sucking the length of a plastic tube filled with glorious chocolate. That plastic tube’s also known as Choki Choki. 2 pesos each – back in the day.

I chanced upon this Choki Choki number while purchasing my own Jollibee shirt from Uniqlo. Now I don’t know about you, but there was just something about owning a Uniqlo x Jollibee shirt  that was deliciously ironic to me. I had to make sure I got the least tacky version of the series for myself.

This aforementioned Jollibee shirt was the result of Uniqlo’s current shirt collaboration with some of the biggest corporations in Southeast Asia. Aside from Jollibee, they’ve also got Indonesian company Choki Choki under their belt. Not sure why I’ve always assumed that Choki Choki was local (aka Philippines made). It must be the ridiculous name.

I regret to report that none of the adult shirt designs for Choki Choki were classy or at least passable. The holy grail could be found at the deepest rack of the kids’ section. This shirt that I got, featuring the original Choki Choki throwback logo, is the largest size that they had for kids. A size “150”, whatever that means. The shirt looked small – tiny in my hands like it has shrunk in the washer. But I had to bank on the fact that the shirt was jersey cotton (meaning slightly stretchable) & I had to believe that I was “small” enough to fit into a kids size.

And here we are!

Oh right, I forgot this was a Thriftshop entry! Now that you know that my shirt was from Uniqlo, the only thrifted number in this outfit is my newly acquired plaid skirt from the thrift shop of Circle C. (Circle C Congressional, checkirrrawtt). Php 80 for that flirty looking thanggg.

I don’t know. I just have this natural gravitation towards plaid and flannel, and sometimes, I am unsure whether whatever skirt I’m getting is an actual piece of fashion, or a lost coordinate from an all girls’ school uniform. Of course, I’m always hoping for the former.


As of Late

Sunday of July 19, 2015


Hello friends! How do you like my red gingham matchy matchy ensemble?

Anyway, I found a quick way to update everyone with my life, but still keeping it very short and (hopefully) sweet haha! I found this list via Meet Me At Mikes and it’s originally called “Taking Stock” – but I’ve renamed it to “As of Late” because I just did. Haha! Basically, you fill out these blank spaces according to where you are in your life right now. It’s fun and convenient and I encourage you to do the same, as well! You can use the hashtag #takingstock if you wanna be in on the whole thing.

Making: PDF files for my internship program (!!!) View my tweet & know all about it!
Drinking: Water, because I just had buffalo wings from Yellow Cab & I need to wash it all away
Reading: The Crossroads of Should & Must by Elle Luna
Wanting: closure & peace of mind and heart
Looking: for
Playing: Wordrageous on my iPhone
Wasting: time whenever I let myself be sucked in by negativity
Wishing: for success on my big projects for this year
Enjoying: Masterchef Australia S7 & PBB 737 every weekday
Waiting: for sincerity & honesty
Liking: being busy
Wondering: if I’ll ever learn
Loving: my project with Arriane (aka Woman In Progress!)

Hoping: that I won’t let my emotions get the best of me
Marvelling: at the mysteries of the universe
Needing: to stick to the plan & make wiser decisions
Smelling: pizza
Wearing: my sister’s UP shirt
Noticing: more the friends who are there for me in every great & terrible decision I’ve made
Knowing: that no matter what, I will always have myself, my dreams, & my talents
Thinking: OOOOUTTT LOUUUD – joke
Feeling: like I’m at the start of something wonderful
Bookmarking: 99u
Opening: my email obsessively
Giggling: at the silly Dubsmash videos sent by my friend
Feeling: like I can do this – I can really do this



Let’s Make Weird Songs: My TEDx Talk


So, this is my first TEDx talk

I cannot even believe this has happened to me. My talk is uploaded on the actual TEDx Youtube site, you guys. Yup. The one with 1,000,000 plus plus subscribers? Yeah.

I’ve always secretly wished that I’d get invited to watch a TEDx talk, but never in my life have I thought that I would be invited to deliver one. That is SUCH a huge deal. I was actually in the JR Yamanote train vacationing in Japan for the holidays when I got this email. I might have given a tiny squeal of delight when I read the subject. They had me at TEDx.



Anyway, I won’t explain much. But just to give you a gist: I talk about the value of writing “weird” and unconventional pop songs, and how songwriting can be used as a tool to educate, inspire, connect, and reflect human society.

I perform A Song About Space for the first 5 mins. Skip to 5:05 to go directly to the start of my talk!

It’s such a big privilege to be standing on a TEDx stage, on a huge, red circular carpet. Thank you TEDx British School of Manila for having me!

P.S. I’m still waiting for my TEDx UST video! I’ll be sure to keep you posted once it’s available online!