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Shimokitazawa δΈ‹εŒ—ζ²’ : Japan 2014 (Day 4)


After a month ++, WE’VE FINALLY REACHED JAPAN DAY 4, YOU GUYS!!! Hollerrrrrr at me!

I’ve put off editing these photos because visiting Shimokitazawa was one of my most favorite things I did in Tokyo, that I didn’t want to do a hurried entry of it. The neighborhood is known for its artsy shops and hole-in-the-wall cafes, but I didn’t expect to enjoy the sights more than the shopping. . . cause I actually didn’t buy anything, except for a totally useless Anpanman face mask which I’m still immensely happy about. I’m all for really un-smart purchases.


I Don’t Make Clothes Out Of Loom Bands


OH HEY LOOK, ACTUAL CLOTHES! Being the royally late updater that I am, these ~outfit~ shots from my Japan trip last July is only being posted a full month after. But it’s a milestone that they even made it online, so I pat myself on the back. I quite enjoyed putting together this “ensemble” because it hits all the right chords for me = fun, visually interesting, comfortable, with a hint of boyishness.

Feature: Preview Aug 2014 (PEFTA) + Philippine Star

PEFTA 2014

Totally unreal, but I’m one of the 10 designers chosen by Preview Magazine for their annual PEFTA (Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards) feature!!!!!!!! THIS IS SUPER BIG, YOU GUYS. Check out this cool editorial + interview I did in Preview’s August 2014 issue \:D/ (pictured above)

Featured is my Extravehicular Mobility Unit jacket and my Maximum Absorption Garment diaper shorts from my Space and the Human Race graduation collection.



I remember 4 years ago, I was awestruck, looking through the designers of the first PEFTA feature. I told myself that I’d lose it if I ever get hand-picked by Preview for this award.

And it’s absolutely bonkers that it actually happened! :( (

Thank you to Ms. Daryl Chang and Manica Tiglao for the interview!



My rocket dress also got featured in Philippine Star’s YStyle section (July 28, 2014 issue), where I was named one of the “28 Designers To Watch Out For”! Crazy!!! The model, Kelsey Merrit, did a stellar job working the dress! I’m so happy to have been considered for this list!

Read the rest of the digital article here!



Lastly, The Prime Manila did an artist feature of me and my works! It would be really cool if you check this out, as they’ve painstakingly searched through my archives to dig up some of my past photos for their article. Thank you to everyone at The Prime Manila!

- – -

I acknowledge that I’ve been such a terrible blogger this year – it’s mostly cause I’ve found posting to be more a chore than a treat these days. I’ve resulted to oversharing on Twitter and Instagram because the mechanics for both are quick, easy, and painless. But not to worry, I should be getting back my blogging mojo soon.

Else, I’d have to buy it back from ebay.