How To Collage (A Workshop)

Wherein I teach you how to do what I do with paper and things



Hey kind Internet folks! I have news for you! In a nutshell:

1. I’m doing another collage workshop very soon. Unli food and drinks y’all.

2. I’m giving away free stickers

3. A sneak peek of my new portfolio that’s under wraps

Don’t be a bore – click read more to, well, read more.


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Feature: Gist Mag & Candy May 2015

Excuse the iPhone photos

Ueno Park Jump

See, I don’t think I’ve ever posted any photos from my most recent trip to Japan just this December – Jan 2015. It was a stellar trip, and I promise to fill you in (as in, promise na talaga!). For now though, here’s an overly saturated photo of myself from that trip. Here I am, playing at a closed public park in Ueno. Check out my randoseru (classic Japanese backpack for school children), man.

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I’m Sorry But I’m Back (!!!)

I swear I didn't realize it's been four months




The Big Void – Dec 2014 to April 2015

So you were probably feeling a bit betrayed. Or maybe blindsided. You probably got bored and you’ve moved on to shiner blogs, which I think would be the case for 95% of my remaining readers. Or maybe you are totally new to this website and you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.

Allow me to explain



Sure, it’s an old excuse, but I SWEAR it did. The latter part of 2014 got so incredibly busy (especially music-wise, but I promise I have a lot to show for) and I honestly didn’t feel the need to write about the stuff that’s been happening to me, at length. It was also a great excuse to be lazy, and to have one more responsibility off my back (hehe sorry).



You’ve heard me go on, and on about my thoughts on blogging and not a lot has changed since then. But I’ve worked on a simpler layout with one of my best friends (shout out to Sev who coded e v e r y t h i n g ) because I still want to keep this website as a mini show and tell of my work and the stuff that I feel is worthy of sharing. I’m not even trying to go back to this blogging train to be a legitimate blogger - or whatever the heck that term now means these days. I’m mainly doing this for myself, for people who have remained interested in the work that I do. Also for you, should you decide to stick around!



It’s SO easy to just succumb to micro-blogging these days because it’s quick and nearly effortless. I can even do it while walking around a mall, as long as my lousy 3G connection cooperates. Here are some links where I’ve been active these days, more or less.

1. Instagram – because doh, who isn’t? Instagram is great, and this is where I promote everything in my life right now. Gigs, workshops, photoshoot BTS, travel photos (including my recent Dec – Jan 2015 Japan trip) etc. It’s all in there.  @reeseypeasy

2. Twitter – I LOVE Twitter. It’s perfect for the insults and commentaries I keep hearing in my head. Perfect for self-promotion, self-shaming, basically self-everything. This is where I post my not-so-daily haikus, which I also eventually turn in to haiku zines. More on that later.

3. Facebook Page – a.k.a. my personal music page, wherein I share all my music-y things like new songs, gigs, photos, and stuff. I’ve been doing a lot of solo gigs lately, but I’ve employed the help of my good friends (Josh Villena of Autotelic on guitar, and April Hernandez of The Sun Manager on percs / drums) so every gig would be twice as fun. The extra instruments make my sound fuller, too!

If you follow me on these sites, then I bet that you haven’t missed that much. But if you don’t, I’m about to fill you in. Legitimately fill you in. Ready for the barrage of pictures? Let’s do it.





Current state.

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Bloggers United 8!!!


I can’t believe it’s the 8th installment of Bloggers United. I’ve been doing this for quite a number of times already, apparently! And it still never gets old! This time, aside from accessories and other fun knick-knacks, I will be selling my ARTTTT and my Today’s Haiku zine!!!! And perhaps, the newest EP of Reese & Vica on my booth, too (but we’ll see haha).

I’m giving away 20 passes for BU8 for freeeeeee! If you’re down, all you’ll have to do is:

1) Like my personal page + Reese & Vica

2) Follow me on Twitter @reeseypeasy

3) Follow me on Instagram @reeseypeasy

4) Follow @bloggers_united on Twitter

If everything’s well and good, just tweet me your full name + email and you’ll be notified if you’ve won passes! First 20 people to do this gets in for free. YAY!


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Music-y Things


 Presenting my November to very early December gig schedule!!!!!!

It’s quite packed, I do realize, but sometimes we just have to hustleeee! Doing a couple of solo gigs this weekend (Saturday) and the next week, so hopefully you’d be able to catch me in one of my sets.

I want to promote my Nov 22 gig at LUNA COFFEE, BGC area because:

A) It’s happening this Saturday

B) It’s free

C) The #CityStories website will be launching

D) There will be an open mic jam after

I’ll be playing a one-hour set at around 9PM, and I’ll be doing lots of original songs I’ve never ever released online yet, so it’s going to be fun!!! Please do come if you can!!


photo (31)

I am GREATLY excited to release my “new” original song sometime next week (hopefully, if editing goes well!) It’s a live performance video I shot with my friends from Shutterpanda and BoxArt, of a song I wrote that largely speaks of our generation’s pop culture. Please watch out for it, but in the meantime, here’s a screenshot of what that performance will look like. Rooftop seshhhhh! AGHHH!!!!



I’m doing this 50 minute solo gig with two awesome singer-songwriter friends this November 25 (Tues) at Route 196!

I’ve been a fan of Bullet Dumas since 2011, and if you’ve never heard any of his stuff, it’s high time you should. Trust me on this. Jensen Gomez is a new friend, but he has been playing in the airwaves for quite some time (I’m sure you’ve already heard his LSS-inducing stuff)! I hope you can come out to support us – it’s going to be an all-original set so if you can’t catch the gig I’m doing on the 22nd, this is a much better alternative haha!




How does one exactly go from idolizing Ebe Dancel to opening for Ebe Dancel in a span of a lifetime? I’m not sure how I got here, but I am beyond grateful. Please go. If the words “EBE DANCEL and THE MUSIC OF SUGARFREE” isn’t enough of a reason for you to go, then well, I have nothing for you haha.  My incredible singer-songwriter friend Jireh Calo is opening the show with me, so let’s goooooo!!!!! I’m nervous like F, and the pressure is mounting like a cat in heat (uh, bad comparison) but it’s going to be AWESOME.



Reese & Vica will be launching its second EP, Those Who Wander, this December 6 (next next Saturday), 8PM at Green Sun, Pasong Tamo Extension! Vica and I have been constantly talking about our concept and the nitty gritty design details of it all. It’s been 4 years  since we last released our first EP (Crossing Neverland), and we really want to make it something special and worth the purchase. I’m designing all the graphics + other bonus fun stuff related to the EP, so it’s a huge project for the both of us!

We’re producing ultra limited physical copies and we’re selling them on the night itself! Come early so you can secure your own tangible EP :D I guarantee it’s going to be so much better than the digital copy version haha!

That’s it for the music related stuff. I hope to see you in one of my / our shows (hihi) <3

The Next Time

Haiku Write

Shortest of the short update: I wrote my most popular haiku to date down on my new, pastel memo cube. If you’re curious and interested in reading my other haikus, go do a search on Twitter – type in ” @reeseypeasy haiku” & be sure to press the “all” tab. :) Or better yet, just order a Today’s Haiku zine from me. 100 pesos each, I ship worldwide! I’m running out of Volume 1 and about to move on to Volume 2, so email me if you want a copy :)



This website is about to undergo a clean-up of some sort, layout wise. Think of it as, volume 3. I’ve been having readability issues for so long due to the small, thin web font I’m using against the subtle, dotted background. It has made me grow less enthusiastic to post lengthy content because seeing the body text strains my eyes. I’m sure they’ve been straining yours too! So yup, I’ve redesigned a much simpler layout for the site, and I can’t wait for everything to be coded by one of my best(est) friends in the world, Sev.

Okay I’m done! <3 Hope you’re all doing well!