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A Glimpse of Las Vegas


I have so much backlog of travel posts, I know. What’s new!! Even me saying “what’s new” isn’t new anymore. But tomorrow I’m leaving for Seoul, Korea (WITH FRIENDS, NO PARENTS, SO WILD) and I want to get at least some semblance of a Las Vegas post out of the way, before I get another chunk of Korea backlog.

That’s it – I have nothing interesting more to say. Enjoy the photos of the outdoor signs and unlit neon lights and stuff!

Space and the Human Race (My Graduation Collection)


I guess the proper words get harder to come by when a surge of emotions come at you like a tidal wave. Which is why I can’t articulately put into words the overwhelming feeling of triumph, pride, and relief that came over me right after the SoFA 2014 Graduation Show.

You’re All Cordially Invited To My 2nd Graduation


Take a peek at the details and the overall craziness surrounding the garments I’ve designed for my upcoming graduation fashion show (to which, by the way, you are all invited!)