Whenever I’m lazy to bring my 60D, I rely on my trusty iPhone camera to take outfit shots for the blog. I always become amazed at how good the quality is, especially considering how it looks a bit unremarkable when it’s still on the phone. Here are a few photos in which my wide parking lot of a forehead makes an unusual appearance. Hello, forehead! Looking wide.

I know it shows in my close up shots that I exude major granny vibes at the moment. This set was taken right after my supposedly bloody midterms for Fashion Merchandising (which turned out to be pretty easy after all). I had to stay up until 6am to study for the test which included 7 long Powerpoint slides + 19 pages worth of fancy, fashiony terms. That night I came around to discovering hats called tam o’shanter and wattaeu, and having to comprehend the subtle differences between a tuxedo and a shawl collar. And I also had to revise promotional posters for our upcoming class fashion show (which is in September 7, mark your calendars now!!) I be dedz. I finished my Mixed Media midterm this Monday (this was a live sketching of a nude male. It was a traumatizing experience for me for the first 5 seconds, I must admit – but all is well) Only one more exam to go!

Dressed Up Days will be at SM Sucat this Sunday, still opening for Never the Strangers! The SM Masinag show was quite a good one filled with a really nice audience, so it would be good to see some familiar faces this weekend! ;) Let’s go!