Sup folks! This is probably a hmm month old outfit. I KNOW I AM SO LATE AT LIFE, I KNOW!!! But anyway, THE COLORS! DON’T THEY MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPPPYYY??? I felt like a walking Lisa Frank sticker in the making! And check out my laser cut-out shorts in teallll! And check out my orange detective glasses which match my neon socks which I doubt you can see from the photos!!! And most importantly…


Check out my bag, boys and girls. It’s reversible. In two delicious colors, too! Good grief, the awesomeness never stops!!!!



ANDDD I am pleased to announce (LOLWUT) that Elan Bijoux is selling these awesome fluorescent reversible bags for only Php 795! Inclusive of shipping within Metro Manila! HELLLO HELLO!

A note of importance: These bags are of VERY VERY LIMITED QUANTITY (meaning we only have 8 left, the other 2 have been purchased immediately last night!) There will only be ONE BAG per design + color combination, so if you see something you like, GO AHEAD AND COMMENT + SEND YOUR ORDER FORM to secure the bag! I promise to guard it with my life and put it in a Ziploc bag with your name on it so there would absolutely be no confusion / mix-up / sneaky business.

Check this album out to see all the designs and color combinations available AND ORDER NOW :D


Teal MBSAnd lastly, thank you to Must Be The Sauce for the street style feature! I love your photos, AND YOUR LOGO I SPIFFY. That is all :D


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  1. Hi Reese! YAAY! A distinguishable REESE LANSANGAN OUTFIT! Now that’s what I call “mishmash of weird adjectives strewn together”.The first moment my eyes laid on the photos, I was really blown away, and it really did made me happy! Orange, Pink, and Teal are such happy colors and when worn together, totally makes someone feel good. It’s so summer=y with all the bright ensembles! I really like the pink and teal combination of your top and shorts! Plus, the eccentric accessories! And I am totally invlove with your metallic magenta DMs. This comment may be too long but I just want to mention your improvement regarding the frequency of you posting outfit posts. The first photo totally reminds me of Elton John for some odd reason, and I think you can apply a bit of lip balm for moisturizing specially now that it’s summer. That’s all, Lots of love from Chealsy <3

    1. Chealsy: HAHAHAHA I like long comments not to worry! Thanks so much for nothing the ‘improvement’! I try to write a bit more than usual as well just cause. AND HAHA LOLed at the Elton John comment. I’m totally feeling that! :)

  2. Hi, Just discovered you site. ;p Love your choice of clothes and colors! Please tell me where did you buy your shorts! thanks a bunch! =)