Back Of The Bus






I usually don’t go for an all-out rough around the edges kind of look but I don’t know! I kind of felt cool walking around in churches (we had a field trip in Laguna!) wearing a black vest and graffiti pants an an angsty tanktop. All I’m missing is an arm tattoo…



 Which my friend Jamie already took the liberty of drawing…



Real badass, guys. Watch out.


The field trip was quite a unique experience. We went up to Villa Tortuga, visited a bunch of museums and churches, then dressed up in fancy baro’t sayas and Maria Claras and dined inside an authentic old house with dishes served in tomato cups and pineapples.

And of course we had to have a group photo. (P.S. This isn’t really the class photo. I bought my 50mm with me that day and the photographer couldn’t manage to take the whole class within the limited frame so, yes. Presenting, 1/5th of the class! Including me!)



Viva la Filipinas!!!!!!!!!!! (…)


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  1. There’s something kind of powerful in having the first image in grayscale (though I do love the colours in your outfit) because of the graphic-ness of your outfit as a whole. The graffiti pants feel so bad-ass, Reese. Thanks for sharing these photographs from your field trip! I quite like the one of everyone in the fancy outfits– traditional dress? Hope that you’ve been having a lovely week! xx

    1. KRYS: Thanks so much! I was debating about whether to post it in color or black and white and I feel like the contrast would show really well with the black and white :D Thank you for the comment! I wish I could show more photos – I really wish I was more diligent in posting all my photos cause I travel a lot and take a lot of photos but it’s just a matter of taking time to post them all :)) Yes it’s a traditional outfit in the Philippines – Manila in particular. It’s the Maria Clara and we surely felt like we were transported back to the Spanish colonial period! :D